14 mag 2011

RED LIPSTICKS are not all the same.

Let's talk about one of the most fashionable make-up weapons: red lipstick.

One thing I've learnt in some years of practice, is that lipstick colours are extremely tricky. I mean, you look at the tube and it looks like a ruby red, than you swatch it on your hand and it looks like a fluo pink, finally you wear it on your lips and... totally different colour again.

Well, the most useful advice I can give you? try the lipstick you're interested in on your lips before buying it!
Specially if it's expensive...  
Obviously i did buy some lipsticks online or without trying them, but they were extremely cheap!

Here you are two different red lipsticks I bought ONLINE.

NYX - Hero
ELF - Cheerfull Cherry, (I've already told you something about it in this post!)

On the left:Cheerfull cherry, on the right: Hero

On the left:CHEERFULL CHERRY, On the right: HERO
CHEERFULL CHERRY, natural light

CHEERFULL CHERRY, natural light

Hero, Natural light

Hero, natural light

As you can see, even if the colours in the tube seemed quite similar, on the lips they're totally different.
Cheerfull Cherry is a deep quite dark red (the photos as always altered the colours... it's darker, believe me! :D), it has a mat finish and it's my favourite red lipstick because it's such a wearable red, but the texture is a little bit dry.
Hero is a vibrant red, the texture is amazing.... silky and smooth, and it lasts for a long time. 

3 commenti:

  1. MI PIACCIONO UN SACCO SU DI TE ELSA!ma io non so proprio se starei bene...;)

  2. secondo me staresti bene, sembreresti Biancaneve! :D è solo questione di abitudine.... questi rossetti li ho presi più di un anno fa ma non li ho mai messi perchè mi sentivo una cretina, ora... piano piano mi ci sto abituando!

  3. bianceneveeeeeeeee!!!!!!