20 giu 2011

Review and Swatches : TheBalm - Stainiac (in Beauty Queen)

Hello beautiful girls! It’s been a while (school –.- ) aaaand I’ve plenty of things to write about,  like my new skincare routine, my new haircare products,… but let’s start with some exciting new products I bought! :D
Stainiac in BEAUTY QUEEN – TheBalm

Immagine 299 

Immagine 301

I’m SO in love with this product. I received a sample at Cosmoprof (as I got the TimeBalm concealer!) and I immediately fell in love with it. I use it mostly as a liptint and it has such a nice texture, it’s extremely blendable (for 4/5 sec after application) and with just one coat it gives a soft colour to your lips, while if you want a deeper effect you just have to build it up adding more coats.
It’s a great base for your red lipstick and it’s a perfect substitute of lipgloss (but lipgloss goes away in 5 minutes). 
Up until now I’ve just used it on its own with a small amount of lipbalm (just to keep it more glossy, the Stainiac won’t make your lips dry) and it lasts 5 hours or more, than it fades away without smudging or anything!
In the pictures here you see:
1) nothing on my lips
2) one coat of stainiac
3) two coats of stainiac + lipbalm

Immagine 282

Immagine 284

Immagine 292

How much is it?   13 £
Where did you buy it?  Since in Italy this brand is not sold, I bought it online at love-makeup.co.uk

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