1 lug 2011

Review and Swatches: Essence – Sun Club All Over Shimmer (01 Ibiza Sun)

Sun Club All Over Shimmer (in 01 Ibiza sun) – Essence
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It’s defined as a multipurpose product: it’s a bronzer, an eyeshadow palette, and an highlighter.

Sincerly I woudn’t use it on my eyes, too shimmer and sparkly!
I’m using it lately as a bronzer and I love the nice and soft bronzy colour that gives to my face! Plus, the clearest colour is a gorgeous highlighter. I suggest you to dip your brush into the darkest colours to contour/bronze your face, then with a small stippling brush take the lightest colour and apply it where needed. I woudn’t mix the white colour with the others because it's super super shimmer (with gold sparkles!) and it will mess up all your contouring.

Immagine 305 

Here you can see some swatches (the photos were taken next to the window, so.. natural light!).
The browns are really pigmented, which is good, but they look quite orangy, aren’t they? So, to avoid the “organge-totally-fake-tan” I prefer to use mostly the darkest colour (and I use the others to blend!) 

 Immagine 278

Immagine 279

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Until next time, take care. Bye :D

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